Key Features

AI/ML Support

MeshWave is tailored to support AI/ML workloads, offering optimized environments for popular frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch, among others. With our platform, users can leverage powerful GPU machines to accelerate their machine-learning tasks.

Cloud Mining

The GPU machines on MeshWave can be utilized for cloud mining cryptocurrencies, offering users flexibility and freedom in their mining endeavors. Whether you're mining Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, MeshWave provides a reliable and efficient solution.

CI/CD Integration

Integrate seamlessly with GitLab CI/CD to build, test, and deploy your code on MeshWave's GPU nodes. This streamlined integration allows for efficient development workflows, enabling you to focus on delivering high-quality software with ease.

Data Storage

MeshWave offers a secure and distributed storage system for your data, eliminating the complexities of data management. With our platform, you can store and access your data with confidence, knowing that it's safe, reliable, and easily accessible.


MeshWave boasts a growing ecosystem of products and services designed to work together harmoniously, providing users with a comprehensive and seamless experience. From pipeline runners to cloud storage solutions, our ecosystem has you covered.

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